Covid-19 Policies

We will continue to operate under our Covid-19 protocols until we feel comfortable with our current local situation to ease them. In most cases this only impacts how often orders are shipped out. For anyone unaware of our processes (as have been previously posted on our Facebook pagethey are outlined below.

1. Orders will continue to be processed as they are placed. Products are kept in a sanitized location, and will be picked/packed in a cleanly manner. You will be contacted as soon as your order is prepared for shipping.

2. We will ship out orders twice a week to minimize any potential exposure we may encounter. This will be typically be done on MondayThursday mornings. You will be notified via email when your order is shipping out, you will also receive a tracking link at the same time (all orders are tracked).

3. Postage will always be purchased in order to offer the fastest delivery possible. In almost all cases, tracking links will show an extremely wide delivery window as couriers have placed blanket tracking windows across all deliveries to account for any potential delays etc.

4. For local customers (St Catharines, ON), please contact us via email or through Facebook to arrange no-contact pickup if you would prefer that option over shipping (we do not have a physical store space open to the public). We can invoice you for the items you want without the shipping fee, or we can refund shipping after your order is placed, whichever is more convenient for you.

We appreciate all the support during these difficult times and hope that the time spent with your hobbies helps make them a little easier. Stay safe, take care, and Hobby On!