Shipping FAQ

While you've been looking through our store we hope that you've seen something you like. And now you'd like to know how much it will cost to get it to you. Well you're in the right place for that!

Currently, we are only processing shipments inside of Canada 

However, if you are an international customer we would still be happy to ship your items to you, but they will be shipped at cost until we can find a better route. **send us an email with what you are interested in, and we'll do what we can to accommodate you**

Now, for Canadian customers, we offer two different forms of flat rate shipping. The first includes everything in the online store aside from battle mats, and the second is for.... you guessed it, battle mats.

(Creating an order that includes both battle mats and other items will result in two separate shipping fees, as those items will be sent independently of one another.)

Check out the charts below to figure out what your shipping cost would be, all shipping costs are posted in Canadian dollars:

 Items Being Shipped Canadian Flat Rate
Everything outside of battle mats $12.00

 *The numbers above assume a maximum package weight of 20 lbs, any order placed for items in this shipping tier that is above 20 lbs will instead be a flat rate of $15

All orders over $125 (excluding mats) ship free!

Now, for battle mats, fees for Canada are as follows. Battle mats are considered "oversized items" and so that also drastically increases the cost to ship. We will ship up to 4 battle mats together at a maximum. Anything over that qty of 4 will require another order being placed as a completely separate shipment.

*Again, all prices posted below are in Canadian dollars*

Canadian Flat Rates (Battle Mats)

 Number of Mats Being Shipped Canadian Flat Rate
1 Mat $20.00
2 Mats $25.00
3 Mats $30.00
4 Mats $35.00


Orders are processed and shipped out every Tuesday. You will receive a tracking number to monitor its progress. Any issues with shipments can be directed to the email address below, please include your order # in any such email.