Mothership: Player's Survival Guide

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Award Winning Sci-Fi Horror

Winner Best Game ENnie Awards

This rules-lite, pick up and play, high stakes RPG packs more into its 48-page zine style rulebook than most games do in their entire product line. If you like Aliens, Event Horizon, or Dead Space, this game is for you. Inside you'll find:

  • Everything you need to start playing Mothership® today. Play as a Marine, Scientist, Teamster or Android.
  • Simple and fast character creation rules. Everything you need to know is printed right on the character sheet.
  • A cheat sheet of all the rules you need to play. 
  • Landmark layout and product design. No page flipping or hunting for obscure edge-case rules.
  • Flowchart style worksheet for building custom space ships.
  • Groundbreaking Panic & Stress system. Watch your character freak out when the pressure gets too intense.
  • Tons of support. Award winning modules, pamphlet adventures, and a world-class Discord community make this a no brainer for anyone looking to sink their teeth into a meaty game.

What Are People Saying?

"This might be my favorite role playing game other than D&D”  The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

"A master class in presenting RPG rules and settings in a very graphical, readable, and gameable way. And it just looks gorgeous." — Boing Boing

"Thematically so tight and so fun. Really cool system. Definitely worth checking out!" — Shut Up & Sit Down

“Such a great example of design in RPGs. If I was going to run a sci-fi horror game, this is the only thing that I would use. Strongly recommended.” — Questing Beast 

“Mothership is an eye catching shiny gold indie darling.” — Collabs Without Permission

"Mothership is a D&D Killer" — There Will Be Games

"Mothership is made of iron." — The Explorer's Co.

“Frankly this is a fantastic game. You cannot go wrong with this." — Game Geeks

Product Details

44 page black and white saddle stich book with cardstock covers.
Written and illustrated by Sean McCoy
Edited by Jarrett Crader
Additional Writing by Fiona Maeve Geist