Saurian Brawler & Saurian Grappler

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Two of the most reliable wrestlers in the game, the Saurians have great Defence and brilliant Attack and Grapple stats. Combine that with extra +1s to stats from their Crowd Pleasers and Sharpened Claws offering Bleeding on all Brawl attacks, and you have some very scary additions to your team!

Included in this pack is a Saurian Brawler and a Saurian Grappler. Both from the Cold Bloods team in The Forest Soul, you won’t find two more reliable and self-reliant wrestlers.

2 resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled with 2 unique character profile cards and clear acrylic bases. Note that clear acrylic bases have a peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.