Wurm: Voice of the Ancestors (Black Machairodus)

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A special adventure at the very origins of humanity!

Würm is a system-lite RPG set in the last period of the Ice Age 35,000 years ago. This is the first standalone adventure for your Würm game.

  • The characters are on a mission to source good quality flint when they discover a strange skull with huge canine teeth.
  • From that moment on they are haunted by the Spirit of a long-dead feline, which gives them incredible powers. 
  • However, when they return to their camp, the PCs realize that they are all bringing bad luck to their families. 
  • Soon the whole clan – or what’s left of it – is begging them to go into exile and find a solution. What is this curse? 
  • What if the only people who could help them are the mysterious Bear-men that once lived in this area, before they were driven out long ago?