Body Builders

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When all you have are bones, make skeletons! The Body Builders adds great new ways of becoming that manager of an infrequently ending wrestling team full of the undead you’ve always wanted to be! You’ll need to be crafty though, bones are a finite resource.

Starting with everyone’s favourite four-legged friend, Good Boy is always helping his undead team, letting them win over the crowd, never failing to please. He also renews them when injured by bringing spare limbs to stop those brittle bones from holding them back.

Undead Half human Half Goat is a dangerous combination in the ring. Fast paced movement and bouncing from rope to rope, this wrestler deals huge amounts of damage through their Ram attack, shoving wrestlers out of position with giant goring horns. Keeping the Goatman down is no simple task due to rise from the grave, healing them to full and back into the fight.

The Modern Zombie is no slow-moving zombie, this undead wrestler has extremely high DEX and even higher movement, meaning no wrestlers going to be catching her. If you are chasing, she’ll start livestreaming which means she can flip any of her dice roll’s upside down, making her very reliable.

Fight Wight brings the heat to the body builders. Getting hit by the Revenant Flame gives Daze to all wrestlers struck by it, this then combined with fire and fury, gives Fury to the attacks meaning any rookie or superstar is getting winded by those Brawl attacks.

The Bulging Barrow is a hulking mass of bones and is the tank of the Body Builders, which provides a great healing benefit to your team. Walking Graveyard means wrestlers rise again at full Stamina, Greater Than the Sum of Parts means the Barrow can take damage to return one wrestler back to the ring. The crowd pleaser of pick up some spares mean this wrestler steals some parts from his fallen friendly wrestlers rejuvenating stamina.

 Contains 5 resin miniatures with 5 clear acrylic bases, and 5 character cards. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly and could need some small holes filled.