Character Card Booster Pack 1

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This is the first expansion deck for Gunfighter's Ball (TM), covering the next three factions and two additional characters created after the 2017-2018 Kickstarter. It includes all of the characters in the Jesse James Faction, Vigilantes Faction, Cowtown Characters Faction, plus Lucky Lou and Long Shot singles. Cards are full-color and Tarot-sized, just like the originals, and are UV coated for dry-erase marker use.


Character Cards Included:

Jesse James

Frank James

Cole Younger

Jim Younger

Clell Miller

Charlie Pitts


J.S. Allen

John Isham

Bones Brooks

Charley Gump

Grandpa Smith


Marshall Mitchell

Dallas Jim

The Stranger

Rowdy Joe Lowe

Johnny Deuce

Lucky Lou

Long Shot