Doors & Archways

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The highly anticipated WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways set from WizKids is finally available for release!

With Doors & Archways, you'll have everything you need for multi-room adventure scenarios. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups!

Doors & Archways is compatible with most 3D terrain sets and features an integrated clear plastic base that sit on top of tiles, vinyl maps or tabletop for ultimate flexibility in gaming.

Key Features

Expand Your Scene With New Door Types
Adds Exciting Play Experiences With Things Like Prison Cells and Hidden Doors
100% Compatible With Warlock Floor Tiles
Extraordinary Definition
Expansive Variety of Items to Add to Your Scenes
Fantastic Value
FLGS Release (No KickStarter)
Works With Existing WizKids Products
This Set Includes:*

2x - Wooden Door
2x - Iron Door
2x - Cell Door
2x - Hatch Door
1x - Secret Door
1x - Sewer Entrance
1x - Stone Door
1x - Iron Double Door
1x - Wooden Double Door
1x - Iron Portcullis