PrimEVO - Gods & Nightmares (PDF)

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The world of PrimEVO just got more dangerous!

Gods & Nightmares is the first supplement for the PrimEVO miniatures game, and it brings with it a ton of new additions to keep your campaigns fresh and fun. Want to add dinosaurs into your games giving them more of a lost world feel? You can do that now. Want to build a god for your tribe and send it into battle on your behalf? Well you can do that too! You can even weaponize disease against your enemies.

Solo play has also received an overhaul adding to the depth of play and variety you will face when going up against AI controlled tribes.

Here's a quick rundown of what you will find inside!

  • 3 new scenarios
  • 11 dinosaur species
  • rules for wandering dinosaurs
  • an overhaul of the solo play system including modified rules for all existing scenarios in the core rulebook
  • rules to deal with difficult terrain, jumping, climbing, falling, and swimming
  • new environmental rules for time of day
  • rules for disease severity, its mutation, and its spread amongst your tribe

Gods & Nightmares is sure to take your games to the next level. Be on the lookout for more PrimEVO supplements releasing in the future.