PrimEVO (Softcover)

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Build. Craft. Evolve. Fight. Survive.
This is the world of PrimEVO
The time has come for our tribe to leave the safety of their cave. They will have to hunt for resources, build new structures, craft new weapons and equipment, and learn to adapt as the seasons roll past if they want to have any hope of survival. PrimEVO is a campaign skirmish system incorporating elements of resource management, worker placement, and tribal evolution. Your tribe members will age, level up, and ultimately die.

The people may change but the tribe must survive

This 60 page full color book contains all the info and rules you need to begin your tribes stone age journey. It includes six variable scenarios, randomized weather, and wandering animals.
PrimEVO can be played vs an opponent, solo, and co-op, all within the same campaign. It's time to begin your story...
  • PrimEVO is a miniatures agnostic game system, use any you like!
  • Build your tribe and prepare them for what is to come.
  • Play a scenario to begin each season that can be influenced by that seasons weather.
  • Roll for external events that may influence your tribes actions as they prepare for the coming months.
  • Assign jobs to your tribe members in between scenarios like gathering, hunting, building, crafting, praying, and searching for new tribe members.
  • Build a tribe large enough to support a Shaman and wield their mystical abilities on the battlefield.
  • And finally grow in size to support a chieftain, but make sure that the motivation that drives your new leader is in line with the rest of their tribe or they may be cast out.
You will choose the knowledge your tribe learns as the years roll past. Will you choose a path of conflict? Spirituality? Or one of technology? The future of your tribe is entirely in your hands, and the paths to victory are many.