They Hide in Shadows (PDF)

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They Hide in Shadows (T.H.i.S) is a 1-4 player solo/co-op stand alone miniatures gaming experience. You play as a survivor of a plane crash trapped in a strange and randomly generated wilderness, but you're not alone and time is running out! Built in the image of many games you would typically find at local gaming conventions, T.H.i.S is a race against the clock, miniatures agnostic, survival experience. Find the emergency beacon from your plane, survive together until help arrives, and get out before they leave you behind forever! This small scale rulebook (21 total pages) can be picked up and learned very quickly, allowing you to get right into the action. Inside those pages you will find much more than you bargained for.

  • Set your character's 3 attributes prior to play, making key decisions that will determine their survival capabilities
  • Full rules for setting up your randomized crash area and wilderness utilizing several different terrain features, each with their own rules governing play
  • Rules for both your characters vision ranges, as well as how far away they can be detected by threats
  • Spawn and deal with hidden tokens which may be nothing but a breeze through the trees, some form of prey animal, or potentially a dire threat to your survival
  • Different rules for both Day & Night rounds of play that when combined make up a full game turn/day
  • Rules for crafting items from the resources around you
  • A host of optional rules to ramp up the difficulty and provide a different experience each time you play
Whether you've never played a miniatures game before, or are a veteran of many years, T.H.i.S offers an experience that can not only bridge the gap between players, but can also offer a high degree of decision making and group strategy even within its relatively small ruleset.
Your plane has crashed, shadows move through the underbrush, you better get moving...