US-1 Super Solvent Debonder 2oz

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US-1 Super Solvent is the very best product to debond and dissolve CA glue from Satellite City Instant Glues, and it will also remove super glue made by other companies.

Just a little bit is usually enough to unstick your hands and remove the CA glue, and as Super Solvent does not go bad with age, it makes sense to always have a bottle within the reach of your non-glued hand!

  • NOT acetone-based - Super Solvent is a nitroalkane formula that dissolves CA glue faster and is also much less likely to damage the surface to which it is applied.

  • Safe to use with most paints and finishes, but some fabrics, colorings, and materials may be affected. (Always test on an inconspicuous area first)

  • Removes other adhesives and adhesive residue - e.g. sticky price tags